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Originally from Upstate New York, a team of con artists finesses their way through metropolitan Atlanta, engaging in multiple scams, and swindling hustlers and businessmen alike. After manipulating a Mexican crime lord for five kilos, crew member Pedro Hernandez gets murdered, leaving the band of thieves thirsty for revenge.


Over time, Latrell Thompson AKA Lucky catches feelings for Divinity, a savvy temptress from Miami Florida who uses sex as a weapon. In this saga of money, regrets, and deceit, the stakes are high as no one is off limits from getting FINESSED.   


Title: Pure Finesse 

Genre: Crime Drama

Production Year: 2022

Country Of Region: USA

Run Time: 205:10

Screen Ratio: 16x9

Sound Format: Stereo


Amire K. Reed 

Executive Producer / Director /  Editor

Known to the world as AK Reed, Amire is a self-taught filmmaker, born and raised in Buffalo New York. In School, Amire excelled in the fine arts department as well as in sports with aspirations of becoming a professional athlete.  After leaving college, he delved into a music career, constructing an impressive catalog collection. Through the years, Reed continued to excel, earning many awards for his artistic gifts.


In 2011, he was awarded The People's Choice, Artist of the Year, and nominated for Best Producer. In the course of perusing music, Reed discovered a passion for videography and began shooting videos for the songs that he created. A short time later, his desire would lead him to produce his debut film, Bartenders which was released in 2013.


In 2015, Reed would follow up with his second film titled C.O.D.E. solidifying himself in the community as a filmmaker. Later that year, he would team up with author Duece King to create PURE The Movie Series, a classic amongst the urban communities. In 2018, Amire challenged himself by directing a series of short stories depicting the social ills across the country which led to CONFLICTED, his most prolific work to date. Unlike most directors, Reed operates the camera himself, capturing the essence of storytelling through a lens. 

Duece King

Executive Produce / Director / Writer

William Morris, known professionally as Duece King, is an American Film Producer, actor, and author. With AK Reed's help, Duece King solidified himself as an independent Film Maker in the year 2020 when they created the movie CONFLICTED, starring National Hip Hop Artist, Benny the Butcher and Westside Gunn- along with Grammy-nominated R&B singer J-Holiday and Veteran actor Michael Rappaport. 


By his third novel and fifth movie (PURE FINESSE), King has become a household name in the urban literature circuit.


Acknowledged locally and abroad for his organic storytelling, he speaks in a voice that people can relate to. Currently, he’s working on the prequel to CONFLICTED and plans to

go into production in early 2023.

On October 7, 2022, Duece King was awarded and presented with a Black Achievement Award from the city of Buffalo, NY, a recognition that has been granted to several prominent community leaders for their contributions and accomplishments in the city of Buffalo. 



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